Peter Wehner blasts CNN. “There are dozens of significant and complicated topics that CNN could explore with care. But it has decided to hyper-focus on Donald Trump and the birther issue. That’s bad enough. But what makes it worse is when some in the media then saddle up on their high horses and lament that lack of seriousness in American politics. They pretend what they most want is a sophisticated and elevated conversation about the weightiest issues facing our nation and the world. They deride politicians for focusing on trivialities, even as they are the ones putting the spotlight on the trivialities and demanding politicians address them.”

I imagine that Mitt Romney would be blasted if he signed off on corporate welfare including “$1 billion in subsidies for corporate jet manufacturers, which have experienced a steep decline in demand for the jets in recent years.” But President Obama did, and everyone is fine with it?

Remember when the United States blasted the anti-Israel voices at the United Nations? “Seeing the hatred of Israel in her first days at the UN, . . . [Jeane Kirkpatrick] told her colleague Richard Schifter with a stricken look on her face, ‘I think the Holocaust is possible again. I didn’t think so before I came to the UN, but I think so now.’ She brought this feeling to president Reagan who agreed with her that the US had to stand against ‘the obsessive vilification of Israel.’ Along with preventing the spread of Marxism-Leninism in Central America and driving a stake through the heart of the Soviet Union, this became Kirkpatrick’s chief objective during her time at the UN.” I can’t wait to read the new biography of the lady who decried the “blame America first” crowd.

The Obama team keeps blasting away. But Michael Barone says that the Obama team is “fooling themselves.” He concludes: “The strategy of rallying currently unenthusiastic core Obama voters — Hispanics, young voters, unmarried women — risks alienating others who may be more moveable than their counterparts were in 2004. The Obama managers seem unaware of that risk. Could be a problem for them.” Read the whole thing.

As a Virginian, I think Republicans should stop blasting Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) for all those tax hikes. “Maryland accounted for the largest taxpayer exodus of any state in the region between 2007 and 2010, with a net migration resulting in 31,000 residents having left the state. Where did most of them go? Virginia. Virginia is now home to nearly 11,500 former Marylanders — a shift of $390 million from the tax rolls of one state to another, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation.”

The Obama campaign-liberal media’s blasting Romney 24-7 seems to have worked out fine for him. “Poll: Obama Popularity Slips While Romney’s Rises.”

No wonder Obama is blasting his opponent. How can he defend his record? “CBO: Obama stimulus may have cost as much as $4.1 million a job.”

After blasting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), now Democrats say that the recall election is no big deal. “President Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, downplayed Wednesday the impact that the upcoming Wisconsin recall election might have on the presidential race in the fall. ‘This is a gubernatorial race with a guy who was recalled and a challenger trying get him out of office. It has nothing to do with President Obama at the top of the ticket and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican ticket,’ said Cutter on MSNBC’s ‘Daily Rundown.’ ” Hysterical.