The Economist or National Review? “Mr Romney is fond of saying that Mr. Obama has no idea how the economy works and how jobs are created. The way the Obama campaign talks about Bain Capital suggests that his criticism is correct. Mr Obama . . . likes to insinuate that there is a conflict between pursuing profits and creating jobs. In the long run, however, in a competitive economy, that is nonsense. Only profitable firms can sustain any jobs, and the more profitable they are, the more money they have to invest in new ventures with new workers. Mr Obama is guilty not of rhetorical excess but of economic muddle.”

The Cato Institute or the Democratic leader of the state assembly (on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Big Gulp limitation)? “We may be getting too close to Big Brother. I just think we ought to step back and look at the freedoms that we have been given in this country and reflect on them.”

The Onion or the Times of Israel on the latest “goodwill gesture”: “This involved exhuming the bodies of 91 terrorists buried in Israel and transferring their remains back to the West Bank and Gaza . . . whence they hailed. There they were shrouded in Palestinian flags and welcomed home as ‘martyrs.’ ”

Henry Kissinger or Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) arguing against doing something about Syria? “We cannot afford to be driven from expedient to expedient into undefined military involvement in a conflict taking on an increasingly sectarian character. In reacting to one human tragedy, we must be careful not to facilitate another.”

Jay Cost or Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick? “There is no vision from Team Obama about how to fix this mess, beyond these warmed-over proposals that made up the core of the (broadly unpopular) stimulus bill. What happens in a second term with the economy? Do we just keep limping on, while the president continually blames his predecessor, pushes small ball (and obviously poll-tested) proposals . . . ? I understand the political need to blame Bush, but there has to be more.”

John Ellis or the head of the SEIU? “The key to this election, however, is not really whether Governor [Scott] Walker wins. More or less everyone expects him to do that. The key is how much he wins by.” Hysterical — who buys this hooey?

Charles Krauthammer or an Obama campaign official on background? “Who is David Axelrod, and who elected him? Who decided he should stand outside the [Massachusetts statehouse] and give a speech? He’s an adviser of the president. He has no stature. I think that looked bad, [his being] drowned out. Why wouldn’t you . . . have the vice president of the United States speaking . . . or a surrogate who’s elected. I think that [Axelrod] is a lousy choice.”