Did Democrats spend a lot of money for nothing? “Removing [Wisconsin Gov. Scott] Walker from office has become a priority for Democrats and labor groups after the governor pushed through a measure to limit public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Republicans have rallied to Walker’s defense, with both sides presenting the contest as a preview of the November election. Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the vote would be a ‘dry run’ for Democrats ahead of November.”

Nothing about the recall has really gone well for the Democrats. “At stop after stop, from Baraboo to Green Bay, Tom Barrett calmly and patiently explains to voters that he’s the guy who can end Wisconsin’s bitter civil war. But that typically comes just after he delivers a blistering tirade against Scott Walker. It’s a message at war with itself, which helps explain why Barrett is scrambling in the final days of his campaign to unseat the Republican governor.”

Do we really think that President Obama’s policies have nothing to do with the rotten unemployment figures? “Business has picked up. Yet American companies are too nervous to step up hiring. The economy seems so gripped by uncertainties that many employers have decided to manage with the staff they have. They aren’t convinced their customer demand will keep growing. Or they worry that Europe’s festering debt crisis could infect the global economy. Or they aren’t sure what Congress will do, if anything, about taxes and spending in coming months.”

Nothing is Obama’s fault. “President Barack Obama’s chief political strategist David Axelrod blamed last week’s worse-than-forecast job numbers on Congress’s failure to act on the administration’s job-creation proposals.”

Nothing like having Maureen Dowd turn on you. “ The legendary speaker who drew campaign crowds in the tens of thousands and inspired a dispirited nation ended up nonchalantly delegating to a pork-happy Congress, disdaining the bully pulpit, neglecting to do any L.B.J.-style grunt work with Congress and the American public, and ceding control of his narrative. . . . The president had lofty dreams of playing the great convener and conciliator. But at a fund-raiser in Minneapolis, he admitted he’s just another combatant in a capital full of Hatfields and McCoys. No compromises, just nihilism.”

Nothing is so hard as defending a rotten economic record. The Romney camp sends out a Sunday talk show montage.

Nothing hurts so much as the unvarnished truth. “Democratic adviser Robert Shrum warned on Sunday that President Obama will lose his re-election bid if the focus of the presidential race remains on the economy and the president’s record.” Oh my .

There is nothing Texas Gov. Rick Perry said as effectively during the primary as this . “Admit it America, 2008 was our national ‘oops’ moment.”