Souring. Independents in a focus group sy they’ve had it with President Obama. “Whether it’s a failure of policy or of communications is debatable, but the sense of disillusionment with Obama’s performance is real.”

Vamping. “Congressional Democrats who wrote Barack Obama’s health care plan into law say they’re getting virtually no guidance from the White House on how to deal with the fallout if the Supreme Court overturns any part of the law.”

Self-deluding. “U.S. efforts to ‘reset’ its relationship with Russia have led to ‘very positive results’ despite the latest tensions over Moscow’s support for Bashar Assad’s government in Syria, President Obama’s spokesman for national security issues said Friday.”

Chilling. “Islamic Jihad is just as interested in providing the next generation with crucial tools for their future as upstanding Palestinian citizens, and the earlier the better. This terrorist organization, like everyone else, realizes that tots have an enormous hunger and capacity for learning. This month, an Islamic Jihad kindergarten displayed for parents how well its 5- and 6-year-olds had absorbed what they were taught during the year.” Read the whole thing.

Tuning out bad news. “[T]he White House seems stone-deaf to the country’s doubts about its policies. The polling on health-reform, the polling on deficits and debt, the election of Scott Brown, the mid-term rout of House Democrats, Wisconsin--it’s as though these things never happened. It’s not even that they’re dismissed, which would be bad enough. They aren’t even acknowledged. They aren’t even noticed. The White House just carries on regardless.” The leftwing media encourages this, of course.

Abandoning ship. “Chicago hedge fund manager switches from 2008 Obama fan to Romney backer.”

Slipping in Michigan? If the state is really in play Obama is in deep trouble. “Across Michigan, but particularly in several key counties that hug Detroit,veteran GOP strategists point to evidence of ebbing support for the president among independents, despite an improving economy egged on by the booming car sector. Conservative groups from outside the state are now showering Michigan with television ads, at a cost already of around $3 million, about three-quarters of what the campaign of Republican Sen. John McCain spent here during all of 2008.”

Wising up. “Fifty-two percent of independents said they agreed with the idea that the president has not helped create more jobs in America, an argument central to Romney’s campaign. Obama appears to have trouble convincing some members of his own party that his administration has been good for jobs: 29 percent of Democrats said they agreed with the claim that he has not been a job creator.”

Finding an alternative to Obamacare. “Gov. Romney would begin to level the playing field for insurance purchased directly by individuals. He would also encourage a national marketplace for insurance to foster more intense competition; implement serious medical malpractice reform to help control costs; reform both Medicare and Medicaid so that they reinforce, rather than undermine, market discipline; and work with states to ensure that those with expensive health conditions have secure insurance. President Obama’s plan is to shift enormous power and control in the health sector to the federal government. That’s a recipe for inefficiency and low-quality care. Gov. Romney wants to harness the power of the marketplace to deliver better care at lower cost to all Americans.”

Reverting. “Egypt’s military rulers moved to consolidate power Friday on the eve of the presidential runoff election, shutting down the Islamist-led Parliament, locking out lawmakers and seizing the sole right to issue laws even after a new head of state takes office.”

Leading from behind. Well, really just sitting on the sidelines. “Russian ship carrying small arms and ammunition and possibly a small contingent of troops is on its way out of the Black Sea and into the Mediterranean bound for Syria, CBS News correspondent David Martin reports. U.S. intelligence believes the weapons are intended to re-supply or beef up the defenses at Russia’s naval base in Syria.”