No surprise.“Brett McGurk, the Obama administration’s pick to be the ambassador to Iraq, withdrew his nomination on Monday in the face of mounting opposition in the Senate. Senate Republicans last week expressed doubts about McGurk after a racy e-mail exchange surfaced between McGurk and a Wall Street Journal reporter covering him. The e-mails between McGurk and reporter Gina Chon — whom he later married — date from when McGurk was working in Iraq for the National Security Council under President George W. Bush and Chon was stationed in Baghdad.”

No surprise. He’ll have to do plenty more pleading. “Obama pleads for voters’ patience.”

No surprise. Charles Krauthammer nails it on the president’s immigration power grab: “It’s a way to lure . . . Romney away from talking about the main issue, economics. Any day Romney is talking about anything but economics is a day Obama wins.”

No surprise. If Michigan and Wisconsin are in play, then so is the Keystone state. “Obama’s softness in western and central Pennsylvania matters a lot less than what happens in the southeastern part of the state. He’ll live and die by the size of the margin he produces out of Philadelphia and how well he does in its populous suburbs.”

No surprise. There are few politicians as entertaining as he is. “Even before it became clear that Mitt Romney would be the GOP presidential nominee, many wondered whether his most outspoken surrogate, Gov. Chris Christie, was angling for an invitation to run for vice president. But there’s another high-profile role that could exploit the Garden State governor’s talents and catapult him in the minds of Republican voters already surveying the 2016 field: keynote speaker at the GOP Convention in Tampa.”

No surprise. When America doesn’t lead, bad actors do. “[N]ote well that the substitute for U.S. leadership is not a new era of U.N.-administered peace. It is often a vacuum filled by the world’s nastiest actors. That is nowhere clearer than in Syria, where Russia and Iran have a free run to fortify the Assad dictatorship. The price is high in human slaughter, but it may be higher still in showing other dictators that it hardly matters anymore if an American President declares that you ‘must go.’ What matters is if you have patrons in Moscow, Beijing or Tehran.”

No surprise. Romney throws down the gauntlet. “Mitt Romney, campaigning in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker by his side, said he plans to win the battleground state that Democrats have dominated in recent U.S. presidential elections.”