No more hope and change.

No more welfare reform as we know it. “Republican governors Rick Scott of Florida and Terry Branstad of Iowa on Sunday attacked President Barack Obama’s decision to grant states increased flexibility on the work requirement for welfare.”

No more criminal accusations? Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod, contradicting Obama campaign adviser Stephanie Cutter on Bain: “No one is suggesting . . . I’m not suggesting that based on what we know, that [Mitt Romney has] . . . done anything illegal.

No more talk of healing the planet? Not even healing Washington, D.C. President Obama: “I haven’t been able to change the atmosphere here in Washington to reflect the decency [situation] . . . and common sense of ordinary people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents who I think just want to see their leadership solve problems. And, you know, there’s enough blame to go around for that.” Actually none of what he said came to pass, did it?

No more smart diplomacy. “The way Obama managed the Israeli-Palestinian issue exhibited many of the hallmarks that have defined his first term. It began with a bid for historic change. But it foundered ultimately on his political and tactical misjudgments, on a lack of trusted relationships and on an outdated view of a conflict that many of his closest advisers imparted to him. And those advisers — veterans of the Middle East peace issue — clashed among themselves over tactics and turf.” Actually it came down to his dopey idea to put more “daylight” between the United States and Israel.

No more to say after this. “President Obama says he’d be making the same argument about the still-struggling economy that Mitt Romney is making if he was the challenger in this year’s election. ‘That is his argument, and you don’t hear me complaining about him making that argument because if I was in his shoes I would be making the same argument,’ Obama said in a portion of an interview with Charlie Rose that aired on ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’ ” Oopsie.

No more disgusting tactic than accusing your opponent of lawbreaking and demand he prove his innocence. “Cutter: Romney is ‘not going to get apology.’ ”

No more Penny Pritzker. “Ms. Pritzker’s commitment has become a matter of mystery and consternation among some Obama supporters struggling to recreate the success of the 2008 finance team that she led as chairwoman. Though she is assisting with the reelection campaign in a number of ways, Ms. Pritzker — whose family owns the Hyatt hotel chain and is active in charitable and Jewish causes — is less visible, has cut back on fund-raising and has told friends that she is intentionally doing less.”