She had good reason to make herself scarce. “[Secretary of State Hillary] Clinton must have made a judgment a couple of years ago that visiting Israel and the West Bank was a losing proposition. After all, two years ago (in September, 2010) the White House staged an extravaganza to launch peace talks, inviting President Mubarak, King Abdullah of Jordan, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, and PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The talks broke down within weeks, and George Mitchell’s last trip to the region came in December 2010. It appears that Clinton looked at the wreckage and decided she had better ways to spend her time.”

It is rare for David Gergen to elicit conservatives’ praise, but this might have been worth the wait. “I have come to admire and like the leaders of Bain Capital because I have learned firsthand that in a private equity industry, where there are obviously some predatory companies, Bain stands out for the respect in which it is generally held and for the generous philanthropy of some of its partners. Nothing I have seen so far has shaken that view. . . . Has he tried to mislead the public or investors? Here we come to the heart of the recent controversy. I may be wrong but based on what we know so far, I would conclude that we do not have persuasive evidence to show that he has.” Neither President Obama nor his shills care, of course.

Is there a single voter who cares about this? “Senate Democrats launched a rare, all-night debate on Monday that was scheduled to last past midnight, to protest Senate Republicans’ opposition to legislation that would require companies, unions and other groups to report their campaign spending.” No midnight vigil planned to save us from the fiscal cliff or pass a budget or reaffirm welfare reform or . . . well, you get the point.

Not unusual that voters display more insight than liberal pols. “Most Americans think President Barack Obama’s health care reform law will harm taxpayers and businesses, while helping those directly threatened by a lack of health care, according to a Gallup Poll released Monday. Sixty percent believe the law will make things worse for taxpayers, 57 percent think it will do so for businesses, 51 percent think it will do so for doctors and 46 percent think people with health insurance will be worse off.”

Obama will find himself in an uncommon spot — at a money disadvantage. “Among disclosed donors propelling fundraising for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, fewer than 1 percent have hit the federal ceiling on donations, suggesting cash is likely to keep pouring into his coffers.”

Is there a single Democrat who wants to vote against preserving Clinton welfare reform? “Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said he plans to introduce legislation addressing President Obama’s decision to waive work requirements in the Temporary Assistant for Needy Families (TANF) law.”

A singularly stupid fundraising stunt is a bust. “President Obama’s bizarre marriage-theme fund-raising scheme — where he asks couples to request campaign donations from their guests in lieu of wedding gifts — has been a total flop.”