The president should try less negativity.“Democrats are significantly less likely now (39%) than they were in the summers of 2004 and 2008 to say they are ‘more enthusiastic about voting than usual’ in the coming presidential election. Republicans are more enthusiastic now than in 2008, and the same as in 2004.These results are based on a July 19-22 USA Today/Gallup poll. They suggest a shift in Republicans’ and Democrats’ orientation to voting in the coming presidential election compared with the last two, with Republicans expressing more voting enthusiasm. The current 51% to 39% Republican advantage in voter enthusiasm is slightly larger than the 53% to 45% GOP advantage Gallup measured in February of this year.”

Hamas is getting more money and support than ever before. “Washington once had the clout to deter countries like Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt from backing a designated terrorist group. But after the great regional tectonic shifts of the past two years, U.S. consternation has become a secondary consideration for these new governments. True, Hamas’s new donors could moderate its politics. This is certainly the line that Turkey and Qatar will take. But more likely, the increased cash flow to Hamas will herald a new wave of rejectionism and — given Hamas’s track record — possibly a new wave of violence in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

It seems less like 2004 every day. William Galston: “The basic structure of the 2004 campaign differed fundamentally from the one we’re now enduring. The available evidence suggests that even in the short-term, the attacks on Romney have been measurably less successful than were those on [Sen. John]Kerry. And Obama’s supporters seem to have forgotten that the reason Bush prevailed was because enough Americans ended up approving of his record and leadership in the areas they cared about the most.”

The Romney camp better hope for more David Axelrod interviews like his outing on Morning Joe when he was hammered on the security leaks. He s really awful on TV.

Obama’s defense of his small business remarks seems less effective every day. “He wishes he hadn’t said it, but he did, and it’s a casual dismissal of what it takes to succeed mixed with a sense of entitlement to what entrepreneurs create, along with a tsk-tsk implication that they give nothing back despite the fact that they pay taxes. Gee, I wonder why everyone heard it wrong.”

He was no more successful in defending against the the negative ads (nearly 100% of their total) the Obama team is running.

Is there anything less journalistically sound than a Politico piece repeating another paper’s anonymous comment that has been denied on the record?

Can’t they do more than shut the barn door after the horse is out? “The Senate Intelligence Committee passed legislation Tuesday that would take a number of steps to crack down on security leaks, including restrictions on how many intelligence community members can communicate with the media or enter into contracts with the media.”