Not exactly shaking in their boots. “Iran is suffering from the sanctions imposed on its banking system but expects to be able to circumvent them within a month or two, the country’s foreign minister said Monday.”

The Palestinian Authority is freaking out: The U.S. could have a pro-Israel president soon — and one who tells the truth! Read the whole thing by Max Boot. (See Charles Cooke’s excellent piece as well.)

The Obama team is wigging out over pink slips. “The Obama administration slapped at defense contractors on Monday, saying threats to issue layoff notices before the election because of pending Pentagon cuts is ‘inappropriate.’” It is actually federal law, aptly named the WARN Act.

Plagiarists and quote-inventors should be quaking with fear. Guest Right Turn blogger Michael Moynihan is on the case! The exposed New Yorker writer confessed and quit Monday.

Mitt Romney not exactly sweating what Newsweek has to say. Well, to be honest, he couldn’t care less. He even managed to be gracious to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) who took a cheap shot at his former rival.

Dems should be the ones pulling their hair out over foreign policy blunders. “[T]he real story of Romney’s foreign trip is how the GOP candidate is deftly exploiting a string of foreign policy gaffes by President Obama that have damaged relations with two key U.S. allies — Israel and Poland.” Marc recalls five Obama meta-gaffes.

Maybe Olympic organizers should have done their job instead of setting their hair on fire over mild criticism about their preparation. “Games Organizers Move to Quell Ticket Anger.”

The mullahs aren’t going to be hitting the panic button over watered-down sanctions. “What exactly is this going to do to get the Iranians to the table? This is the time for the mallet, not fine-needle surgery.” Yup. But we have a seamstress in the Oval Office.