President Obama in political storm in Ohio. “Air Force One will touch down in a swirl of defense controversy in Mansfield, Ohio, Wednesday as President Obama makes a third campaign trip in four weeks to the battleground state. ‘If President Obama has his way, his Air Force One arrival would be one of the final flights into Mansfield-Lahm Airport,’ claims Sen. Rob Portman, who is often a surrogate campaigner in Ohio for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.” That’s going to happen all over the country so long as sequestration is looming.

Who is snowing whom here? The lefty media spinners might forget a rare moment of honesty when President Obama talked about Palestinian cultural problems too.

Romney team hails new media presence. “Both launched today, [Romney’s app] is at #14 on the top free apps on the App Store, Obama’s app is at #165.” Maybe people are, you know, bored with Obama?

After a torrent of criticism Dan Pfeiffer apologizes to Charles Krauthammer.

The drought in economic confidence continues. “Americans’ confidence in the economy declined last week to -29, matching levels not seen since early January. The decline may be due to the estimate of slower-than-hoped second quarter GDP growth.”

It’s raining straw men again. Obama says Republicans want to reward rich people instead of saving defense. Hmm. I think a smart pol once said not to raise taxes on anyone in a bad economy.

Even in Massachusetts, voters should realize “be more like Communist China!” isn’t a sunny message. Elizabeth Warren’s ad is like a parody of an Elizabeth Warren ad. ‘We’ve got bridges and roads in need of repair and thousands of people in need of work. Why aren’t we rebuilding America? . . . Our competitors are putting people to work, building a future. China invests 9% of its GDP in infrastructure. America? We’re at just 2.4%. We can do better.’ The ad juxtaposes robust Chinese cranes and dump trucks with decaying American bridges and idle but sympathetic-looking American workers wearing hard-hats.” This view, alas, is very common on the left.

Gloom at GM? Can’t be. It’s an Obama “accomplishment.” Mickey Kaus says otherwise: “I’m having trouble understanding all this. I’ve been told that after its Rattnerized bailout GM is ‘back,’ a dramatic ‘success story.’ The president himself has boasted ‘General Motors is back on top.’ Yet now a few weeks later Bloomberg says the company is in a ‘slump’ — it’s right there, in the headline: ‘slump.’ How can the bailed out, comebacked, turned around success story GM be in a slump when the U.S. auto market as a whole is growing rapidly? It’s almost as if an easily spun media wildly underestimated the problems at GM (and the inadequacy of the administration’s fixes) in a way that helped President Obama’s favored narrative (and pleased a major advertiser at the same time!)”

A clearing in the media fog of inanity. “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel — the seat of its government, the home of its President and Prime Minister, the location of its parliament and supreme court. That’s true even if the U.S. State Department puts its embassy in Tel Aviv. . . . Equally to Mr. Romney’s credit was his celebration of Poland both as a role model for defying political tyranny during the Cold War and for its economic policies ever since. ‘A march toward economic liberty and smaller government has meant a march toward higher living standards,’ he said in Warsaw, one of the rare European capitals that has lived within its means and not tipped into a sovereign debt crisis. That’s another statement of the obvious that rankles in Washington because it’s true, and because it is so markedly at odds with America’s own economic mismanagement.”