Yeah, President Obama really is gutting welfare reform. “The smoking gun is always in the last place you look: I had some serious doubts about Mitt Romney’s ad attacking Obama’s welfare “waivers” — until I read the New York Times editorial denouncing it. Now I know Romney’s ad isn’t as accurate as I’d thought. It’s much more accurate. The Times notes that one of the states proposing waivers from the 1996 welfare reform’s work requirements is Nevada — indeed, Nevada was cited by the Obama Health and Human Services department when it quietly announced its plan to grant waivers on July 12.” Read the whole thing. (This as well.)

This really is an exceptionally effective ad. “A new America Crossroads video is showing just how badly the Obama campaign and pro-Obama Super PAC fumbled when it comes to cooperating with one another — which is illegal.”

That sort of coordination really is not allowed. “Joe Soptic . . . [is] the man in the Priorities USA ad who claimed his firing from a Bain Capital-owned company led to the death of his wife. The Obama campaign denied knowing Soptic’s ultimately unproven claim — though they used it in a campaign slideshow. They know so much about him that they even have his pension agreement.”

This really is the mother of all fact checks. “There’s so much deceit here we hardly know where to start.”

The whole sanctions gambit really is a bust. “It turns out that Britain’s once venerable Standard Chartered Bank, which stands accused of moving $250 billion in illicit funds and netting hundreds of millions in banking fees in the process, is not the only bank to run afoul of regulators recently. In recent years, U.S. authorities have imposed more than $2 billion in penalties on other sanctions evaders, including ING, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Lloyds Bank, and ABN Amro for similar activities also having to do with Iran. Just two weeks ago, the Treasury Department also sanctioned China’s Bank of Kunlun and the Elaf Islamic Bank of Iraq for transacting with designated Iranian banks.”

There really is no promise Obama won’t break. “President Barack Obama has altered his 2008 “firm pledge” that no family making less than $250,000 per year would see ‘any form of tax increase.’ Obama has now limited the pledge to merely ‘income taxes’ – and only for ‘next year.’ ”

California really is what the United States would look like after more years of Obamanomics. “Since voters in San Diego and San Jose overwhelmingly supported ballot measures scaling back worker retirement benefits in June, California Governor Jerry Brown has again picked up the cause of pension reform. Alas, Democrats in the legislature aren’t listening, so it looks like voters will have to use the ballot box to get the job done.”