Nicely done. No-drama Ryan? “Representative Paul D. Ryan’s days on the campaign trail include public rallies like two on his schedule for Tuesday, one here in a Denver suburb and another in Las Vegas. But Mr. Ryan’s day planner is also packed with conference calls and meetings as the newly picked vice presidential candidate syncs up with Mitt Romney’s large, long-standing campaign operation.”

Nice message amplification. Romney was talking to coal miners Tuesday. Ryan was talking energy in Colorado: “We’re offering solutions. And among those solutions we’re offering, our number one, make sure that we use our own energy because we have our own energy in this country. All of it. You have it all here in Colorado. You know, last week when I was filling my truck up, which something tells me I’m not going to be putting gas in my truck for any time soon, but last week when I was filling my truck up, it cost $100, and the only reason it cost $100 is because the pump cut me off at $100 because of the gas tank. Enough. We have our own oil and gas. We have nuclear. We have all of the above, winds, solar, coal, let’s use it.”

Niceties like “linguistic gymnastics” don’t do the Obama team justice. “Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki defended Vice President Joe Biden’s remark that ‘[Republicans will] put y’all back in chains’ on the grounds that the Republicans in Congress and Mitt Romney himself often use the phrase‘unshackling.’ ” The Obama team apparently believes everyone in America is a dope. Or at least enough to get them to 270 electoral votes.

Nicest guy in Congress can’t be beaten by over-the-top demonization. But the Obama team is trying: “Much like Obama in 2008, Ryan comes across as reasonable, thoughtful and earnest. He’s heard all of the attacks on his budget proposal and has become deft at fending them off. Democrats can spend all the time they want attempting to define him as an anti-woman, granny-tossing firebrand. But the actual Paul Ryan that Americans will see in speeches, interviews and the vice presidential debate will be a stark contrast.”

Can’t mean Ryan is helping. Or could it? “President Obama leads Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, but Romney has cut that advantage in half, according to a survey from liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling released Tuesday.” And that was only with half the sample post-Ryan!

Did he mean with or without the child tax credit? “As near as we can tell, Jesus would advocate a tax rate somewhere between 50% (in the vein of “if you have two coats, give one to the man who has none”) and 100% (if you want to get into heaven, be poor). Mostly, he suggested giving all your money up for the benefit of others. And Jesus made no distinction between the deserving and undeserving poor; his love and generosity applied to all.” (h/t John McCormack)

It’s kind of mean of CNN to bring John Sununu back again and again to make Soledad O’Brien look foolish, but I hear CNN’s looking to do some reality TV. (Sununu and Soledad in “Wipeout”!)