Pushing him off the cliff. Mitt Romney: “[Todd Akin] should understand that his words with regards to rape are words that I can’t defend, that we can’t defend, and we can’t defend him.”

The Tea Party Express tosses him overboard. “[The]Tea Party Express, which backed Sharron Angle, calls for Akin to go, based on ‘the lessons we learned in 2010’ about bad candidates.” Ouch.

The GOP ticket tells the skinny dipping congressman to go jump in the lake. On second thought. . . “The two responded to another GOP issue after it was reported that freshman Republican U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas went skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee last year. ‘I think it’s reprehensible,’ Romney said. ‘I think it’s another terrible mistake by individuals.’ ‘This is unbecoming of a member of Congress,’ Ryan said. ‘It’s behavior that shouldn’t be tolerated. I think they know that.’ ”

The administration brushes them off.“The Obama administration said Monday that Iran doesn’t deserve to host a summit of non-aligned nations later this month but urged foreign leaders who decide to attend to press the Iranian government comply with international demands to come clean about its nuclear program.” I guess Iran isn’t as “isolated” as Obama keeps telling us.

Suddenly they have standards? Politico throws its reporter under the bus. “Politico editors have removed David Catanese from coverage of Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) following the reporter’s defense of the congressman’s comments about victims of ‘legitimate rape’ not getting pregnant because their bodies will ‘shut that whole thing down.’”

The National Review editors wisely give Akin the heave ho. “His remarks combined several mistakes with brutal efficiency. There is no evidence for Akin’s biological claim. The frequency with which rape results in pregnancy has no bearing on whether abortion should be allowed when it does. And while it is not completely clear what point Akin was trying to make with the phrase, ‘legitimate rape’ should not appear in any good one.”

Campbell Brown reads her critics the riot act. “To assume that someone’s views are invariably influenced or shaped by his or her partner is lazy. It is an intellectual crutch we grope for when we do not have an effective counter to someone’s argument. In my limited experience writing opinion, smart people have challenged me with a reasoned response pointing out the weaknesses of my argument. The less intellectual partisans say, all full of ire, ‘She’s married to a Romney guy.’” Read the whole thing.

Stephen Moore tells critics of Ryan’s fiscal record to buzz off. “When a politician has ‘passed one of the few congressional acts to actually push back against spending . . . and developed a budget plan that would arguably bring the rate of spending increase down from stratospheric to merely exorbitant, he should get some credit for that.’ He should, but given the media love affair with Barack Obama, he probably won’t.”

Democratic donors apparently telling the Obama camp to get lost. “Mitt Romney extended his cash edge over President Obama in July and entered the final three-plus months of the campaign with about 50 percent more in the bank than the incumbent president. Romney led Obama in cash on hand at the end of July $185.9 million to $123.7 million, according to numbers released by the Romney campaign and filed with the FEC by Obama’s campaign.”