Our pathetic Syria policy. “Tens of thousands of Syrians are dying at the hands of an avowedly anti-American, pro-Iranian regime — and the U.S. can do nothing more to help the suffering people of Syria than to send 24 laptops and modems? Unless the U.S. steps forward to do more, the people of Syria will long remember our betrayal of them in their hour of need — and long after [Bashar al-]Assad is gone we will pay a price in lost standing in this important Middle Eastern nation.”

Preposterous: “Elizabeth Warren Hits Her Stride.” And she’s losing by five points. Oh, well, then Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) must be hitting his stride!

The pernicious United Nations is at it again. “United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has decided to attend an international summit in Iran despite strong admonishments from U.S. and Israeli officials.” And the Obama administration insists it has “isolated” Iran.

Rep. Paul Ryan dings President Obama’s paltry recovery. “[Joe Biden] said last summer was going to be the summer of recovery. It’s a summer later and it’s still worse. He said that the private sector is doing just fine, we need more government. This is President Obama’s imaginary recovery. It’s not here.” That’s going to be one entertaining debate.

A problematic campaign does this to people. “The president’s re-election campaign casts itself as a fully-functioning, well-oiled machine — a ‘No Drama Obama’ kind of shop. But a new eBook — Obama’s Last Stand — details plenty of discord and discontent coming out of the campaign’s headquarters in Chicago.”

A precise description by Ryan. “What if your president, or your congressmen or your senator, what if they saw it coming? What if they knew that that crash was coming, what if they knew why it was going to happen, what if they knew approximately when it was going to happen, and what if they knew how to prevent it from happening and they had time to do that, but they just decided not to because it wasn’t good politics? What would you think of them? Friends, that’s exactly where we are today.”

It seems like Obama had a premature celebration over GM’s “success.” Michael Barone: “Obama talks about the auto bailout frequently, since it’s one of the few things in his record that gets positive responses in the polls. But he’s probably wise to avoid probing questions, since the GM bailout is not at all the success he claims. GM has been selling cars in the U.S. at deep discount and, while it’s making money in China — and is outsourcing operations there and elsewhere — it’s bleeding losses in Europe. It’s spending billions to ditch its Opel brand there in favor of Chevrolet, including $559 million to put the Chevy logo on Manchester United soccer team uniforms — and just fired the marketing exec who cut that deal.” Read the while thing.

Perplexing. “Former-Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, former-Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair Patty Murray have all advocated forcing the Unites States economy off the fiscal cliff just so Democrats can tell their constituents they raised taxes on the rich. Even President Obama has expressed a willingness to take the fiscal jump.” Wreck the country just to prove you believe in class warfare?