Turns out those “Republican women against Mitt Romney” are Democrats. “Prominently featured among these lifelong Republican women is a striking brunette who is aghast to find out that Romney wants to reverse Roe v Wade. This totally Republicanly Republican GOP-type conservative-to-the-hilt woman has since been identified as Maria Ciano of Colorado. She’s a registered Democrat, but don’t let that fool you. Her accumulated Facebook ‘likes’ over the years testify to her rock-ribbed Republicanism. They include Amy Goodman, MoveOn.org, Bernie Sanders, and a Facebook page called ‘I Love It When I Wake Up In the Morning and Obama Is President.’ ”

Turns out President Obama’s Medicare “guarantee” is phony. “The Medicare guarantee that the President trumpets is significantly weakened by the President’s unwillingness to explain how he intends to extend that guarantee into the future. Under current law Medicare benefits are not guaranteed for future generations because the President has not proposed and Congress has . . . [not] enacted changes to Medicare that produce a reliable guarantee.”

Turns out Republicans just wanted to win. “The base’s pragmatism, even in the dogmatic tea party era, was underestimated by everyone who ran against Romney, ‘including by me,’ [Newt] Gingrich said.”

Turns out the best Romney-Ryan ads are the ones quoting Obama.

Turns out the “robotic” Romney is sort of a mush. On “Fox News Sunday”: “At the beginning, I just loved her. Now she’s much more than just the person I love. She is also the person that I — I really live for, and as my counselor, my friend, my inspiration, but also the person I love. And if I — if there’s anything — if I have any time available and people say what would you like to do, the thing I’d like to do is to be with Ann and do something together.” And he shops at Costco. Go figure.

Turns out those Obama Medicare ads really are a “pack of lies.” Yuval Levin: “As the Obama campaign well knows, since it has been called on this particular deception before, this claim of $6,400 in cost shifting is from a 2011 CBPP analysis based on a 2011 CBO analysis of an older version of premium-support, and simply does not apply to Romney’s plan. A similar calculation applied to Romney’s plan would show cost shifting not of $6,400 but of zero dollars.” Read the whole thing.

Turns out some of them really are nutters. “Paul Festival, a three-day celebration of Ron Paul in advance of the Republican National Convention, attracted a fellow-traveling crowd of Paul supporters, plus Libertarian Party members, Constitutionalists, Alex Jones types, and a large number of defiant delegates. This week is Paul World’s last shot at really making a difference this year, and the crowd at Paul Fest knew it. The mood has turned from one of giddy surprise — Hey, we pulled off electing all these delegates! — to mutinous disappointment and even anger. The most extreme among them say they’ll write in Paul’s name on Election Day. The rest are turning to a new leader: Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson. The Paul Festival organizers took over the expo center of the Florida State Fairgrounds for a three day span. Half of it was a cavernous room with a stage and people sitting in chairs or on bleachers in front of it. The other half looked like a county fair from outer space, featuring booths for Scientology, the John Birch Society, a Ron Paul Corvette, and a contraption that people strapped themselves to and whirled around in.”