No whining. “Mitt Romney running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Monday accused President Obama of failing to lead the nation out of its economic slump, and vowed the GOP ticket would not dodge issues such as jobs and the mounting federal debt if they win in November. ‘We are not going to duck the tough issues and kick the can down the road. We are going to lead,’ Ryan said to nearly constant applause in a send-off rally in his home town of Janesville, Wis., just a day before Republicans are expected to nominate the Romney-Ryan ticket in Tampa. ‘We are not going to spend the next four years blaming other people for problems,’ he said. ‘We are going to take responsibility.’”

No surprise to Mitt Romney. “Mitt Romney often attacks President Obama for a Health and Human Services memo giving states the possibility to get waivers for more flexibility on certain requirements of the welfare-to-work law. Romney says that President Obama ‘gutted’ welfare reform. In his 2008 speech to the RNC, Mitt Romney said the liberals under an Obama would ‘take work requirements out of welfare’ to ‘replace opportunity with dependency on government largesse.’”

No place for him in Obama’s Democratic Party. Artur Davis: “The Obama I endorsed was the constitutional-law professor who said he supported the rule of law. Instead, we got someone who always went to the left whenever he reached a fork in the road.”

No issue is as important to women as the economy. (Sad faces for Dems flogging the Todd Akin story.) “A new poll of women voters shows the economy as the number one issue among the majority group that decided the last election, with health care and education the second and third major issues. The poll, conducted jointly by Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of 1,003 women for Lifetime TV, looks at where women’s attitudes are focused at a time when Democrats are making a social issues-focused push for women voters.”

No lead in Michigan for Obama.

No soft-peddling. Romney: “In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and I intend to make it because I have lived it.”

No liberal is quite as unhinged as Chris Matthews.

No end to the cost shifting; instead Obamacare makes it worse. “This year, nearly one-quarter of all specialty physicians who see patients at hospitals are actually employed by the hospitals, according to an estimate from the Advisory Board Co. That is more than four times as many as the 5% in 2000. The equivalent share of primary-care physicians has doubled to about 40% in the same time frame. Traditionally, most doctors who see patients at hospitals are in independent practice. The structural shift is being driven partly by declining reimbursements for physicians, particularly in certain specialties like cardiology. Doctors are also being pressed to make new investments, such as introducing electronic medical records, and some are attracted to the idea of more regular hours with fewer administrative headaches.” And Obama wants to squeeze Medicare reimbursement rates below even Medicaid rates.