Dead on. “Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech was a tour de force, and a clear success. One measure of that success is the intensity and emptiness of the attacks coming his way. The irony is that these attacks — intended to damage Ryan by undermining his credibility — are more likely to be seen by the electorate for what they really are: desperate and dishonest tactics from those willing to say and do anything to hang on to power.”

Dead heat. “The bottom line: If the 2012 election is more about mobilizing the persuaded than persuading the perplexed, then the current standing of the two parties suggests that the election will be very divisive — and very close.”

Dead in the water. Jay Carney can’t explain why income is down. The worst press secretary. Ever.

Dead right. “The Democrats have a serious problem. It is a problem that stems from the party’s greatest strength: its long-term support for inclusion and equal rights for all, its support of racial integration and equal rights for women and homosexuals, and its humane stand on immigration reform. Those heroic positions, which I celebrate, cost the Democrats more than a few elections in the past. And they caused an understandable, if misguided, overreaction within the party — a drift toward identity politics, toward special pleading.”

Dead wrong: “David Chalian the latest media casualty.” He did it to himself.

Dead aim against Obama worship. “Crossroads Generation, a new super PAC formed with the help of a handful of established GOP groups, is tapping into the economic frustrations of under-30 voters facing dim job prospects, crippling student loans or the prospect of having to move back home with their parents.” Here it is.

Dead set on getting a nuclear weapon. “Iran has already installed three-quarters of the nuclear centrifuges it needs to complete a deep-underground site for the production of nuclear fuel, international nuclear inspectors reported on Thursday. The finding is likely to affirm the belief of Israeli officials that President Obama must make clear his intention to halt Iran’s program or give tacit approval for Israel to act on its own.”

Dead to rights. Conservatives check the fact-checkers.“In September 2011, more than two years after Obama was inaugurated, GM reiterates that Janesville plant is on ‘stand by status.’ Auto industry observer David Cole tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel it would be premature to say the Janesville plant will never reopen. Today the GM facility in Janesville still has not been retooled ‘so we can build the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow and create good-paying jobs,’ as Obama promised.”