Jon Stewart’s devastatingly funny riff on the “Are you better off” question. “Do these people even have meetings?”

Solyndra was rather devastating to the “green jobs” fantasizers, but the Democratic National Committee didn’t think to vet its lineup of awkward reminders. “Solyndra player on convention speaking lineup.”

It must bedevastating to Michelle Obama’s media cheerleaders, but fewer people care about the Obamas. “First Lady Michelle Obama took over primetime last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, but a lot fewer people were watching than back in 2008. . . . With Obama’s speech the big ticket on Day 1, it was NBC that won the night as it did last week at the RNC. The network earned a 1.3/4 rating, down 24% from 2008. ABC had a 0.7/2, down 36% from four years ago. And with a 0.6/2, CBS took the biggest hit, with its coverage down 45% from the comparative night in 2008.” Maybe we should bag these conventions.

Devastating to be downsized. The One needs smaller venue. “The Obama campaign had been working desperately to ensure that the stadium in Charlotte would be filled. Buses for students from across North Carolina and even members of black churches in neighboring South Carolina and Georgia had been arranged. One source told MailOnline that 1,000 people were being bused in from Atlanta — 244 miles from Charlotte. Now, the campaign will be left with the headache of telling the tens of thousands of people they had arranged to travel to Charlotte for the speech that they will be turned away.” Well, unless there weren’t that many to begin with.

The welfare ads in battleground states are devastating, according to Republicans. And on the facts, Obama spinners and fact checkers got it wrong. “Does the Obama administration merely wish to ‘tweak’ the existing work requirements? In fact, HHS’s illegal waiver edict repeatedly asserts that the administration seeks to exempt states from the law’s ‘work-participation requirements’ and to replace those requirements with new standards devised by HHS without any congressional input. What are those standards? One is called ‘universal engagement.’ . . . Universal engagement usually means a policy that seeks to have all adult, work-eligible [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families] TANF recipients engage in constructive activities for as little as one hour per week. Broad definitions include activities such as visiting a doctor or looking for daycare.” Good grief.

Devastating indictment of the vice president and the judgment of the president who selected him. “Asked for their one-word impression of Joe Biden, more people use negative than positive words to describe the vice president. Many of the negative words disparage Biden’s competence and performance, with idiot, incompetent and clown among the terms used most frequently. Of those offering a word to describe Biden, 38% use negative terms, while 23% give positive words.”