Even the State Department can’t keep up the pretense. “President Obama’s statement that ‘Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel’ was meant only for purposes of his platform and not for purposes of his policy. It has no more meaning for him in 2012 than it did in 2008, when he delivered the line to an AIPAC conference, complete with his trademark ‘Let me be clear’ preface — and then proceeded to disregard it as soon as he left the building. If President Obama ever holds another formal press conference, perhaps a reporter will ask how he was able to get the line into the platform but cannot get the State Department (or his own press secretary) to endorse even the first part of the sentence.”

Even the Romney campaign blog has improved. No wonder — Peter Wehner is now writing. A sample: “One cannot help but feel that Barack Obama is comfortable giving speeches but he is able to do little else; as if he believes being president mostly amounts to aspirational rhetoric. The problem for him is that virtually everyone beyond his hard-core supporters have learned to discount his rhetoric. They want to judge him by his actions. Mr. Obama’s candidacy is being weighed down by his presidency, and his rhetoric has been undone by his record.”

Even Democratic Party insiders must have noticed that their bench is really feeble. “The liberals who supported Mr. Obama’s expansion of the entitlement state are pinning everything on Mr. Obama’s re-election, assuming it will cement their big-government gains and allow them to grind back congressional majorities in the future. But contemplate the situation if he loses. Consider a Democratic Party that may hold neither the White House nor Congress, that has disappeared in parts of the country, and that has few future Obama-like stars. Compare that to 2008. This is the party Barack Obama un-built.”

Even the “good” Palestinian leaders are part and parcel of the problem. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is back to blaming Israel for all the authority’s woes. “ This was [Fayyad] leading up to doing what PA leaders do best when in the presence of their European and American champions: cry victim and appeal for money. Indeed, says [Jerusalem Post reporter] Abu Toameh, this is just what Fayyad had indicated in an interview on the Voice of Palestine radio station prior to his meeting with the Italian foreign minister, ‘that the PA was hoping Congress would approve the U.S. Administration’s request for $200 million in aid to the Palestinians.’” That money is used, for among other things, to pay Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.

Even David Brooks of the New York Times has concluded Obama is an underachiever. He thinks that Obama “apparently lacks the creativity to break out of the partisan categories, the trench warfare gridlock.” Apparently.

Even the excuses have gotten lamer. “[T]he president deliberately dialed it down, stopping well short of the altitudes he is capable of reaching. Perhaps that will prove to be a mistake, but the decision to go with a less rousing approach was carefully considered.” Oh puleez.

Even Elizabeth Warren has her limits. “Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said today she disagrees with a federal judge’s decision to grant a convicted killer’s request for a sex-change operation. ‘I have to say, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars,’ Warren, a Harvard Law School professor, said in an interview on WTKK-FM.”