Never forget.

Never remotely responsible. “The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported Monday that the 2012 budget deficit through August stands at $1.17 trillion. It estimated that $192 billion was added to the deficit in August, crossing the symbolically important trillion-dollar threshold. This is the fourth straight year that the deficit will exceed one trillion dollars, all under President Obama. The deficit in 2008 was $459 billion.”

Never any doubt where New Jersey Gov Chris Christie stands on teachers unions.

Never leading. President Obama says it’s Republicans fault we are facing sequestration. Mitt Romney’s campaign pounces. “President Obama’s advisers may have come up with the idea for hundreds of billions of dollars in devastating defense cuts, but the White House doesn’t want the credit. After warnings about job losses and a hollowed-out military, President Obama is all too eager to pass the blame around for his own idea. As president, Mitt Romney won’t play political games with our defense budget.”

Never got the idea of democracy promotion, did he? “[W]e have a problem if liberals and moderates and Copts in Egypt believe they are getting no support from Washington. They, and not the Brotherhood, stand for the values in which we believe: separation of church and state, full equality for all citizens including women and non-Muslims, and a fully democratic political system.” Obama is for the status quo so he doesn’t have to do anything. Leading by paralysis.

Never safely in the Democratic column so long as Obama is in the White House. Now it is Connecticut. “Two years after $50 million in self-funding earned the former professional wrestling executive a 12-point loss in an open Connecticut Senate race, she’s trying again. And so far, she’s looking (surprisingly) good. The Fix is moving Connecticut’s open Senate race from ‘solid Democratic’ to ‘lean Democratic’ on our 2012 Senate map — a reflection of the fact that the race is moving in Republicans’ favor and is now firmly in play in 2012.”

Never a serious way to close the deficit. Even Obama’s legislative affairs director knew it. “‘You could raise all the taxes you want on millionaires: and it wouldn’t be enough, he is quoted as saying.

Never did Obama have a coherent and effective plan to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Now this: “Iran is set to unveil a ‘domestically produced’ cruise missile capable of reaching Israel and being launched ‘from land, sea, and air,’ according to Iranian media reports. Dubbed ‘Meshkat,’ the existence of the long range Iranian missile was made public over the weekend by Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Mehdi Farahi, according to the Mehr News Agency. With a range of 2,000 kilometers, or 1,242 miles, the missile could easily reach Israeli cities, including Jerusalem.”