No more excuses, says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.): “It’s time for Democrats from the President on down to stop blaming others and start leading. Our problems are too serious. Our challenges too urgent to wait another day to act.”

No more galling expenditure than propping up a government that allows our embassy to be attacked. “The White House is flatly rejecting calls from House conservatives to halt U.S. aid to Egypt after a slow response from Cairo in rebuking violent attacks on the U.S. Embassy there Tuesday night.”

No more distractions. Obama needs to account for the embassy debacle. “Have you suspended all aid to Egypt until a full investigation of the attack on our embassy is complete? . . . Do you still support writing off a billion dollars in Egyptian debt? . . .Have you begun an investigation into the question of why our intelligence community was caught completely unaware over what were clearly planned protests and attacks, particularly in the case of Libya?” Or is he out campaigning?

No more money for now. That would be a good idea. “If the president does not consider Egypt either an ally or an enemy, it is perhaps best to hold off on the $1 billion-plus aid package until he can determine which, of any category, it belongs in.”

No more talk about the war on terror being over, please. “The FBI is also in Libya investigating the attack. . . . CBS News correspondent David Martin reports officials already have a prime suspect in the attack: a radical Islamic group called Ansar al Sharia. The name means ‘Supporters of Islamic law’ and U.S. officials describe it as an offshoot of al-Qaeda.”

No more protests, we plead. The Middle East responds: “The U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, was overrun Thursday by protesters who stormed a wall, set fire to a building inside the compound, broke windows and carried away office supplies and other souvenirs before being dispersed by local security forces. . . . In Cairo, clouds of tear gas enveloped the fortified area around the U.S. Embassy as security forces clashed with protesters for the third straight day. Smaller demonstrations were reported throughout the region, as well as in Iran and Bangladesh.”

No more easing, says the Romney campaign. “The Federal Reserve’s announcement of a third round of quantitative easing is further confirmation that President Obama’s policies have not worked. After four years of stagnant growth, falling incomes, rising costs and persistently high unemployment, the American economy doesn’t need more artificial and ineffective measures. We should be creating wealth, not printing dollars.”