Here’s how to stand your ground. “Former Romney Adviser Richard Grenell Battles CNN Anchor Over Obama’s Iran Strategy.”

Among the many silly things the administration has said on the Middle East in 3 1/2 years this stands out. “The official administration reaction (cf. Jay Carney or Susan Rice) to these upheavals in the Middle East — that an obscure video that has been available on public media for weeks just happened to set off thousands of rioters on the anniversary of 9/11 in an area otherwise largely pro-American and not at all angry with the U.S., the White House, or American foreign policy or energized by a sense of American diffidence and decline — is becoming absurd. Do they grasp that in the upcoming days, no one — here or abroad — is going to believe their self-serving narrative of a sudden spontaneous reaction to a video by coincidence on 9/11?”

Looking at the chaos in the Middle East you can understand why the Iranian regime doesn’t take President Obama seriously. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has redoubled efforts to pull the U.S. deeper into the confrontation with Iran over its suspect nuclear program, a push that coincides with Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s attempts to convince American voters that President Barack Obama is weak on foreign policy.”

Her paper stands by her, despite the backlash. “Long-time New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd is facing a significant backlash over her latest column in which she uses a number of medieval, anti-Semitic stereotypes to describe neoconservatives and, specifically, Dan Senor, a close adviser to Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.”

As things stand if the government sold it would be at a big loss, making Obama’s boasting about GM look silly. “The U.S. Treasury Department is reportedly resisting efforts by General Motors to exit its government bailout sooner rather than later. . . . The problem is that doing so now would put leave taxpayers with a significant loss, and U.S. officials in recent weeks have said they’re unwilling to dump shares given that possibility. Asked about the report, Treasury pointed to comments made last week by Assistant Secretary Tim Massad that downplayed the possibility of a quick sale by the government.”

Every now and then the press feels compelled to stand up to the White House. “White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest found himself repeatedly forced to deny that President Obama’s various World Trade Organization complaints against China are designed to appeal to Ohio swing voters this election year. . . . He spent much of the ensuing briefing denying the obvious. ‘[T]he timing of these two announcements today, is that in any way connected to the push on China from the campaign side?’ one reporter asked.”

At some point parents aren’t going to stand for public employee unions’ shenanigans, even in Chicago. “The Chicago Public Schools system sought a preliminary injunction on Monday to end the city teachers’ strike immediately, maintaining that state law ‘expressly prohibits’ teachers from striking over noneconomic issues, including layoffs and teacher evaluations.”

An outstanding question: “Why is the Obama Administration so invested in the seemingly inaccurate notion that the Libya attack was spontaneous reaction to a film?” Because otherwise the public might realize his Middle East policy is a complete failure.