No joke. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): “We have been seeing slow growth. Now we see that it is even slower. Look, a downward revision from 1.7 to 1.3, that is a pretty big drop. I mean the drop in durable goods is just an enormous drop. . . . [T]his is not what a real recovery looks like.”

No time like the present. “Romney uses GDP downgrade to hammer Obama on economy.”

No kidding. “Yes, Mr. Obama, we are not perfect. But not every wrong in this world is rooted in an American misdeed. And the fact that you are so committed to believing in American guilt that you would lie about a terrorist attack against us is not a sign of humility, it is a mark of shame.”

No way! Way. Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu uses a visual aid to grab attention about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. (Bibi uses visual aids a lot. He and Paul Ryan are the best there are.)

No idea how successful they’ll be, but they are trying. “Using billboards, television advertisements and finely honed voter lists, Republicans [in Florida] and in other battleground states have intensified an effort to lure a small but potentially significant group of new or wavering voters from President Obama. . . . [T]he Republican Jewish Coalition, backed mostly by the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist, has begun spending $6.5 million on an air-and-ground strategy to reach Jewish voters who may view Mr. Obama as unreliable on the question of Israel’s security.” It’s probably just “noise.”

No longer can the Obama administration pretend that it didn’t know that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya was a planned terrorist attack. Secretary Leon Panetta is the latest to spill the beans.

No one like Rudy Giuliani to tell it like it is. On the Libya attack: “I mean putting out a totally phony story to try and block the political criticism that the president took his eye off the ball. The president in his haste made himself a tremendous hero over getting bin Laden. He deserves credit, but my God he wanted to make himself into a superhero. It’s also a president who’s been euphemistic about Islamic-extremist terrorism from the very beginning. This is the man who said, ‘We’re not going to say War on Terror anymore,’ except he forgot to tell them they’re at war with us. So, we end up getting caught by surprise. . . . .The only reason it isn’t played as a major scandal is because the president has about three-quarters of the media in the tank. I mean it’s a disgrace.”

No mystery about what we could do, if we had a president committed to do ”everything” he could to aid the Syrian people. “The solution is not to abandon Syria to extremist influence once Assad falls. It is instead to strengthen those elements we would like to see in power after Assad. One way to do this is through our humanitarian aid, which should be delivered via groups whose beliefs are closer to our own about Syria’s future. The other is to deliver non-lethal and lethal aid to such groups, which will obviously help them gain influence now and after Assad.”