Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) pounces. “Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 43 months. Our economy is limping along right now. Vice President Biden, just today, said that the middle class, over the last four years, has been ‘buried.’ We agree.” Almost too easy.

Dov Zakheim pummels Obama’s Middle east approach.“[D]espite the fact that the administration had warning of an impending Egyptian riot, the president hesitated before pressuring Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi to protect U.S. property and lives. As if that error of omission were not enough, the president then added one of commission when he described Israeli prime minister Netanyahu’s increasingly vocal concerns about an Iranian nuclear weapon as nothing more than ‘noise.’ With respect to President Morsi, it appears that the administration increasingly is treating him as if he were a political moderate rather than the hard-line Islamist he proclaims himself to be.” Read the whole thing.

Maybe Jim Lehrer will provoke a brawl on a subject Obama is loath to discuss. “Although the topics for the first presidential debate are supposed to be domestic issues, the recent attack on a U.S. outpost in Benghazi could become a flashpoint [tonight] in Colorado .. . . According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, tomorrow’s moderator, PBS anchor Jim Lehrer, has the leeway to ask any questions he wants — including topics dominating the headlines, as Libya is now.” Cool.

This should prompt readers to consider if polls have any meaning at all. But it sure is fun: The poll manipulator. (Or the re-manipulator, if you prefer.)

Obama protests having to work. “President Barack Obama is bored with the entire debate process. He allegedly told a political volunteer: ‘They’re making me do my homework. They’re keeping me indoors all the time . . . It’s a drag.’” He really needs an outside job.

The media pretend there’s no such thing as a comeback. “Romney overcame similar deficit in ’02 race.”

Did Mitt Romney preview some critical new detail in his tax plan? “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney floated a $17,000 cap on tax deductions, a proposal that could reconcile his pledge to lower tax rates with his promise to make the plan deficit-neutral. Limiting individual tax deductions could also hit the rich more than the middle class, which could help Romney ensure his plan lowers the effective tax burden on the middle class even as it could raise the tax burden on the wealthy.”

Another Obama foreign policy notion peters out. “With the surge of American troops over and the Taliban still a potent threat, American generals and civilian officials acknowledge that they have all but written off what was once one of the cornerstones of their strategy to end the war here: battering the Taliban into a peace deal.” Once Obama announced a pullout date it was destined to fail, of course.