Time to get to the bottom of it. On the White House’s claims of ignorance about Benghazi, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton says that “in a high threat mission where you’ve had evidence of Al Qaeda attacks against other missions, where for goodness sakes the Red Cross has withdrawn from Benghazi — the Red Cross that lives in the environment of war thought it was too dangerous — that’s something that the President, Vice President, and certainly the Secretary of State should be aware of all the time.”

Time to have President Obama explain why he wants to sock it to small business. “It is quite a stretch for President Obama to argue that he wants to cut taxes for small businesses. In reality, he is proposing to increase taxes on small businesses by around $49 billion.”

Time line courtesy of Tom Joscelyn reveals that it “took weeks for the administration to disavow the phony story line it adopted early on. Administration officials maintained that the terrorist attack in Benghazi was the result of a ‘spontaneous’ protest that spun out of control.” The sequence of events is quite damning.

Time to hold Egypt accountable for its treatment of Coptic Christians. “Egypt receives $1.5 billion in U.S. aid each year, and Washington has various means to make Egypt’s new leaders listen. Islamist attempts to enshrine second-class status for Copts in Egypt’s new constitution should be stopped. Outsiders should also keep an eye on Muslim Brotherhood politicians who are planning to take control of Coptic Church finances. At a minimum, donors should demand that attacks on Copts be met with punishment as well as condemnation.” Read the whole thing.

Time to end it, not mend it. “There is now increasing evidence that students who receive large preferences of any kind — whether based on race, athletic ability, alumni connections or other considerations — experience some clear negative effects: Students end up with poor grades (usually in the bottom fifth of their class), lower graduation rates, extremely high attrition rates from science and engineering majors, substantial self-segregation on campus, lower self-esteem and far greater difficulty passing licensing tests (such as bar exams for lawyers). The most encouraging part of this research is the parallel finding that these same students have dramatically better outcomes if they go to schools where their level of academic preparation is much closer to that of the median student. That is, black and Hispanic students — as well as the smaller numbers of preferentially admitted athletes and children of donors — excel when they avoid the problem of what has come to be called ‘mismatch.’ ”

Time to debunk another goofy Biden untruth. “Is Biden right that Paul Ryan’s and George W. Bush’s deficit spending and tax cuts caused the Great Recession? (Indeed, Obama has said much the same thing.) I’m not aware of an economic theory out there anywhere to support this idea. . . . And besides, the Obama administration has added a lot more to the national debate ($5.3 trillion) in four years than the George W. Bush administration ($2 trillion) did in eight. And it wants to add plenty more in a second term. . . . I suppose Biden could have blamed Bush’s housing policies, but Democrats starting with Bill Clinton were completely on board. Or maybe Biden could have blamed financial deregulation. But that happened in 1999 and was supported by Clinton, too.”

Time to spend what you have. “Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his allies are banking heavily on a high-risk, high-reward media strategy in the final weeks of the campaign, hoping that burying President Obama in ads will give them a crucial edge on Election Day.”