No more. “The president holds a slim 47 percent to 43 percent edge [in a Pew poll] over his GOP rival on the issue of who would do a better job on foreign policy, down from a 15-point advantage in September. . . .The second poll found that while the general public was split evenly on Obama’s handling of the [Libya] attack, independents were more likely to disapprove of the president’s handling of the situation, 40 percent to 28 percent.”

Once more. Deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter is calling Mitt Romney a felon again, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Yawn. Are the polls that bad for President Obama in Ohio?

More is less. CNN is whining about attacks on Candy Crowley for taking sides in the second presidential debate. “According to an email distributed in the CNN office and obtained by TMZ, CNN Vice President Mark Whitaker spoke glowingly of Crowley and her performance. Whitaker also blamed ‘Romney supporters’ for the criticism of Crowley.” They should quit while they are behind.

More or less. The economy is about as bad as it’s been for months now. “The major American stock indices were attempting to swim upstream on Thursday after the Department of Labor’s weekly report on initial unemployment claims indicated a 13 percent increase from the previous week’s revised total. The advance figure of new claims for the week ending October 13 soared to 388,000 despite expectations for a less-significant increase to 365,000. The big jump was attributed to layoffs at the start of the fourth quarter.”

More “war on women.” At MSNBC. “Romney Spokesperson Mocks MSNBC for Paying Men More Than Women, Andrea Mitchell Agrees.” The spokesperson, Barbara Comstock, finally showed how a conservative survives with liberal media: Laugh.

Only one more. The last debate is Monday. “Mr. Romney can help himself by offering a serious critique of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy that doesn’t descend to cliches (e.g., ‘I won’t ever apologize for America’), and by laying out a vision that answers the needs of both the national interest and the self-interest of everyday Americans.”

More problems. If at this point the Obama team is still scrambling for women and youth voters, it’s in deep trouble. “In swing state Ohio, Obama volunteers scramble for the college vote.”