Expanding the map to Maine? “Two super PACS are pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into Maine for television ads in support of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in hopes of winning one of the state’s four electoral votes.”

To Minnesota? “President Barack Obama’s campaign has made a very small ad buy in Minnesota to counter a new purchase by Mitt Romney in the state, an Obama campaign official and a Republican ad tracking source told CNN.”

To Pennsylvania, although ostensibly for the U.S. Senate race. “National Republicans are investing $500,000 in the Pennsylvania Senate race as polls show a closer contest between Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and Tom Smith, a wealthy tea party candidate who has invested more than $16 million into his run.”

But in Ohio don’t get fooled by phony math. “‘Time poll shows the President up 60-30 among early voters. That sub-sample was asked of 145 people and was one of many of similar ilk (with a huge variation in results). Their central data argument is that 43 more people told Time’s pollster over a two-day window they supported Obama. If that is their best claim to a lead in Ohio, it is a troubling picture for the president.’”

If the United States goes over the fiscal cliff we may see California at the bottom. Voters there are telling politicians to stop with the tax hikes. “California Proposition 30: Support Wanes For Jerry Brown’s Tax Plan.”

Burning down the firewall in Wisconsin. “Mitt Romney is now tied with Barack Obama in Wisconsin, one of the ‘firewall’ states the president hoped would protect him against defeats in Florida and Virginia, according to a new poll. . . . Buoyed by internal polling which shows similar numbers, Romney is to head to Wisconsin next week.”

In Indiana, Club for Growth tries to bail out Richard Mourdock. “The conservative Club for Growth is throwing more of its weight behind embattled Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, hoping to counter a flood of money and support for his Democratic opponent. . . . The Club for Growth would not say by exactly how much it is increasing its spending in Indiana; a spokesman, Barney Keller, called it ‘substantial.’ With its latest ad buy, the group’s total spending in the race exceeds $3.5 million.”