Unusual honesty. The Denver mayor says, “We have not turned out the vote early. The suburbs and rural parts of Wisconsin — the Republican base — are voting. President Obama’s base has yet to go vote. We’ve got to get our people to go vote.” The Obama team promptly threw him under the bus.

Unusual for Obama to hear this coming from the other candidate. Mitt Romney told the crowd in Florida that “we should not continue along the same path, but it’s time to take a new path of bold, aggressive change because the road we’re on is not doing so well.”

Unusual? Nope. Lots of states are close. “A new Hawkeye Poll showing Mitt Romney with a slight lead over President Obama probably is all that’s needed to explain why both candidates will be in Iowa Saturday. The poll, released Oct. 31, found Romney leading the president 45.2 percent to 44.4 percent among voters who said they plan to vote.” That makes it “too close to call.”

Unusual for a vice president to start his next campaign before this one is finished. But then again it’s Joe Biden. “Look, I’m not trying to talk you into voting for me, I just wanted to say hi to you. And after it’s all over, when your insurance rates go down, then you’ll vote for me in 2016”

Usual for polls to tighten at the end. “Mitt Romney has wooed enough women voters to make the presidential race too close to call in Virginia, according to a new poll that also finds the U.S. Senate race between Timothy M. Kaine and George Allen narrowing.”

Usual for each side to portray the same facts as supporting its own view o f the economy. There will be lots to argue about: “Nine separate pieces of economic data — ranging from consumer confidence to construction spending — will be released Thursday morning. In all likelihood the raft of data will present a mixed picture, reflecting an economy growing at around 2 % a year.”

Usual for late deciders to break for the challenger. “In poll after poll of formerly safe blue states, the Republican is closing ground on Obama, far outpacing Republican totals from 2008. . . . Romney, who along with his Super PAC is making a run at some of these states, will probably not win any of them. But he doesn’t need to. The simple fact that all of them are moving in his direction shows that more and more Americans are looking for a change of leadership in the White House this election year.” We’ll see next week.