Makes sense. “In effect, just as Reagan did in the crisis of 1980, Mr. Romney is saying: We can fix this and solve this with people of good will and strong principles coming together for the first time in many years. . . . This model has served the country well for 250-some-odd years. It is fundamentally a belief in people and good common sense. It is profoundly optimistic.”

Sensible. “New Jersey and its citizens are suffering — and are going to go on suffering for a long time to come. It’s Christie’s job to do whatever it takes — including being gracious to Barack Obama — to help his state. And he did it. Can we please give the cynicism a rest for just a minute?”

No sense denying this is another instance of mainstream media protecting the president. On CBS’s holding back its Sept 12 video of Obama dancing around the notion that the attack in Benghazi, Libya, was a terrorist act. “Critics will elevate CBS News’s selective video publishing to a prime exhibit in their brief that the mainstream media is protecting Obama. Barring a better explanation from CBS News, that’s a hard case to contradict. The only note of mitigation for the network is that it didn’t wait till after the election to publish the video or suppress it altogether.”

More sense than most prognostications. “ Romney will win the entire South, including ‘swing’ states North Carolina, Florida and Virginia, plus all the usual solid-red states of the inland West. That gets him to 248 electoral votes. From there, he will need only one state from each of the next two conglomerations of three. He will need to win either Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Michigan, plus either Colorado, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. He will indeed take two of those six in the right combinations, and he will be president. And that doesn’t even include New Hampshire (an absolute tossup), Iowa (I think it will go for Romney), or Nevada (probably an Obama state), or the lone elector from the Second Congressional District in Maine, which will go for Romney, too.”

Nonsensical then that the Big Union bosses should spend their members’ money supporting him. “In an open letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta published on Monday, United Auto Workers President Bob King . . . slamm[ed] the Obama administration’s cancellation of battle tank upgrades because of the potential for job losses in the industrial and manufacturing-heavy Midwest.”

Senseless. The Obama team should have been less arrogant throughout this campaign. Instead they doubled down on every dumb remark, especially this one: “President Obama has ‘absolutely no regrets’ about saying that ‘voting is the best revenge’ when he asked Ohioans to get to the polls over the weekend, his spokeswoman said.”

No sense telling Obama spinner a lot of these polls are junk. They are, you know: “The volatility of the polling this election cycle points at least in part to how difficult traditional telephone polling has become in an era when fewer people have landlines — and with many people unwilling to answer the pollster’s call. The response rate for polls has plunged over the past decade to well under 20%.”