Consequences. “It sure didn’t take long for the effect of the U.S. election to be felt around the world, particularly in the Middle East. Within days of President Barack Obama’s victory, Israel found itself under missile and mortar attack on two fronts. Though the bulk of the blitz is coming from the Gaza Strip in the south, stray shells from Syria in the north have also presented a serious problem, one that has resulted in retaliatory fire on the part of the Israel Defense Forces.”

Are there any consequences? Is the United States asking Qatar, Turkey and Egypt to apply pressure on Hamas to stop the rockets? “Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired some 20 rockets and mortars into southern Israel on Monday, injuring four people and leaving 43 others suffering from shock.” Read the whole thing.

The consequences of going over the fiscal cliff are freaking out business leaders. “Fears about Washington’s inability to avoid looming tax increases and spending cuts have eclipsed concerns about Europe’s debt crisis, top business executives said Tuesday, worrying that political gridlock might tip the economy into recession next year.”

As a consequence of the election maybe Americans learned what an exceptionally decent guy he is. “Even as Mitt Romney’s aides continue to receive paychecks — a gesture of generosity from the defunct campaign — Democrats at the Obama campaign and at the Democratic National Committee have begun packing their bags. . . . The Romney aide, meanwhile, pointed to the ongoing payments as a sign of the Republican nominee’s concern for those who worked for him. Another sign of Romney’s ongoing focus on his staff: On Wednesday, Romney used a good chunk of his meeting with top donors to pitch his ‘body-man’ Garrett Jackson for jobs for their firms.” Alas decency and personal generosity don’t get you the White House.

This could be consequential. “[Sen. Rand] Paul said he’ll return to Congress this week pushing measures long avoided by his party. He wants to work with liberal Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and Republicans to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for pot possession. He wants to carve a compromise immigration plan with an ‘eventual path’ to citizenship for illegal immigrants, a proposal he believes could be palatable to conservatives. And he believes his ideas — along with pushing for less U.S. military intervention in conflicts overseas — could help the GOP broaden its tent and appeal to crucial voting blocs that handed Democrats big wins in the West Coast, the Northeast and along the Great Lakes.” Wow.

There can be powerful consequences from losing an election. Conservative Web site on the need for immigration reform: “Now that we’ve lost the presidential election, we won’t have that opportunity for another four years. We still have the House, though, and that gives us leverage to insist on prioritizing border security and visa reform ahead of normalization for those illegal aliens in the US. In two years, on the current trajectory, we may not even have that much, and there is no guarantee that a Republican will win the presidency in 2016, either. If we continue to punt on border security over an insistence that 11 million people will have to leave the country in order to stay here, we risk losing any influence over the solution with another bad electoral cycle.”

The consequences of Obamacare. This is just the beginning: “A rather frazzled-looking Applebee’s franchise owner took to Fox Business Network recently to describe how the Obama health law was going to hurt his business and force him to reassess his workforce.”