Dear Sen. John Kerry:

I feel your pain. You've toiled for years in the Senate, done thankless tasks for President Obama and taken quite a lot of abuse for trying to woo Bashar al-Assad. And what do you get for it? Nothing so far; maybe a trip to the Pentagon.

How, oh, how could the president think of giving the plum spot at Foggy Bottom to a woman who savaged  Hillary Clinton in the 2008 campaign, after an undistinguished career in the Clinton administration? My goodness she probably doesn't even speak French! And really, how did she get conned into carrying the baton for the Benghazi fiasco on five TV shows when others knew enough to lay low, and worse, do such an obvious job of misdirection?

She plainly doesn't have your ability, Senator, to talk at length without saying anything, an essential skill for the country's top diplomat.

Then, and this really must fry you, she has a career-saving opportunity and manages to frustrate and anger three Republican senators. You could have had them eating out of your hand, I know. She's going to make her hearing wall-to-wall Benghazi without your protective shield of senatorial courtesy.

Hey, I would be fuming, too, if my dream job was being handed to an amateur whose personality is so off-putting that The Post’s Dana Milbank skewered her with one hand tied behind his back. (I mean, has anyone done a better job of ingratiating himself with the liberal media than you?)

Well, just hang in there. If she is as off-putting with the entire Senate as she was with the three critical Republicans, she might just wipe out after all. I'm sure your Senate colleagues on the Democratic side ( not to mention the Republican side!) would love nothing more to see you move on . . . err . . . up, that is. Maybe they can lend a hand.

UPDATE (4:45 p.m.): P.S., Senator, a colleague reminds me that it was you who gave then little-known Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) his big speaking moment at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Yes, I know, what an ingrate. The least he could do is give you a job for which you have pined your entire life (at least after you lost to that Texan who never understood what a “reformer” Assad was.)