It’s almost inexplicable. The White House bent to the will of the kook-squad and its kook in chief, Donald Trump, in releasing the president’s birth certificate. He’s going to speak on the subject later today.

Top conservative communications gurus are mystified. Pointing to the shake-up on the national security team, one asks, “Why do it on the day you make major personnel announcement?” Another: “If I were them, I would let this fester until each and every Republican had commented on it, and THEN do it!”

In essence, Obama has given a pass to the loony birthers by suggesting this was a legitimate issue deserving of a White House response. And, of course, he’s made Donald Trump into the uber-opponent. Trump, unsurprisingly, is gloating, declaring he’s “proud of himself for accomplishing something no one else has accomplished.” What’s next: Capitulate to his demand to release Obama’s college grades?

The White House team needs to get a grip, focus on the real issues and stop the nonsensical political games. It is making Obama seem decidedly unpresidential and frantic.