No one can line up the straw men like President Obama. At his George Clooney-sponsored Hollywood bash (a mutual gush-a-thon) Obama, not fearing an independent thought or trace of reality would crash the glitzy affair, proclaimed :“If you’re a kid born in a poor neighborhood in LA, tough luck, you’re on your own. If you’re a senior citizen who because of bad luck got laid off or your company ended up dissolving without your pension being vested, tough luck, you didn’t plan well enough.”

Thunk. Really? Republicans are in favor improved schools (and school choice), Medicaid reform (not destruction) and pro-job economic policies for that poor kid. (Who, by the way, may also have a church, a family and friends to help him — unlike Julia, who is ward of the state). Republicans aren’t proposing to disband Social Security; they are suggesting people like the Hollywood gazillionaires not have benefits increased at the same rate as the rest of us.

Obama’s level of exaggeration is so ludicrous that you are left wondering whether the president is the most uninformed man or the most cynical man in the country. You have to chuckle at the Hollywood set (whose limos’ collective carbon footprint would surely melt a few ice caps) that laps this up, smug and self-satisfied that they are in touch with America and taking care of all the little people. (Do they give as much in charity as Mitt Romney does?)

It is hard to think of a group of people — the president included — more out of touch with economic and political reality. That Obama embraces a picture of the world more cartoonish than the animated films of Democratic donor and presidential pal Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks (which, thanks very much to help from the administration, signed a billion-dollar-deal with the Chinese, so no, never mind about human rights abuses there or poor Mr. Chen Guangcheng) should surprise no one who has been listening to him for the last three years. If it weren’t so hilarious it would be frightful.