Gosh, it does go from bad to worse for the Obama crew. David Axelrod, apparently fleeing from Bain attacks (you’ll see why in a second) goes to Massachusetts to attack Mitt Romney’s gubernatorial record. Then former Axelrod client and governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick goes rogue and defends Bain. No! Oh yes, indeed:

Now it seems that the Romney team has an embarrassment of riches. It would be happy to keep up the Bain vs. Solyndra comparison, and now it has both an ad and a briefing paper detailing how disastrous it was. The message of course is: Couldn’tthe Obama team use a business expert?

But if Obama wants to play on Massachusetts turf, Romney’s willing to do that. He puts out a comparison between his record in Massachusetts and Obama’s record.

In sum, the Obama team has an insoluble problem: His record on the economy is poor. He can blame others, but it is, even by the measures he set. Moreover, Romney has accomplished a lot. He had business misses, and Republicans will never forgive him for Romneycare (although Obama can’t attack that). But on balance he was an uber-successful businessman and a good governor in a very blue state.

So who exactly does a battle on their respective records favor? The Obama team acts as if there will be no comeback to their attacks, but what we are finding out is that Romney is far better at counterpunching than it is in punching.