Mitt Romney is opening up a new front in the “Obama is clueless about the economy” front. His campaign is sending around this clip from his Florida speech today:

Rommey was referring to an episode in which Obama seemed unaware of the health-care bill’s impact on small business.

The degree to which the president is insulated from contrary views and is unwilling to understand and fairly state his opponent’s views (as we saw in the Medicare debate) is not a problem unique to Obama. No one likes to tell the president he’s wrong. But because he has given preeminence to those who are personally close to him and on the left, he’s spared to an extraordinary degree, it appears, bad news and inconvenient facts.

His argument is that Romney’s lifestyle and wealth make him out of touch with ordinary Americans, an argument that liberal icons like JFK and FDR would never worry about. Romney in turn says Obama is so ideologically cloistered and unknowledgeable about the economy, the travails of business people and the fiscal predicament of state and local government that he can’t possibly lead us out of troubled times. Romney is meeting with voters, some in off the record chats on the stump; he may pick up some insight about average voters. But will Obama venture out of his ideological cocoon or get some Econ 101 lessons? I doubt it.