President Obama explained everything you need to know about his leadership style with this telling remark in his speech today to Hispanic leaders on immigration: “To those who say Congress should be the one to fix this, absolutely. To those who say we should do this in a bipartisan way, absolutely. My door’s been open for 3 1/2 years. They know where to find me.” Is he the president? Only in name, it seems.

He does not lead or devise solutions or bring people together. He is a loner, both in personality and in his presidency. No wonder we have no progress on comprehensive immigration reform, taxes, entitlement reform or much of anything.

It’s pathetic, actually, to see a president who hasn’t delivered on this issue telling the crowd to go talk to Congress. Maybe Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) should have spoken instead.

Obama is still rummaging around in the Bain story, this time latching onto a story by The Post, which said some Bain-invested companies created jobs outside the United States. The Fix summarized Mitt Romney’s response: “The campaign’s point: Not every example of outsourcing involved sending jobs overseas. Some contractors were located within the United States and some initially went offshore to serve markets where U.S. companies were exporting. Many of the companies highlighted in the article began by outsourcing domestically before expanding increasingly offshore.” In other words, if you grow at home or want to grow at home or want to avoid going out of business, it is a good thing to expand all over the world.

No wonder Obama loads taxes and regulations on businesses with no concern about job losses; he apparently doesn’t understand that some jobs can go elsewhere. (Or he thinks businesses out of the goodness of their hearts should ignore the bottom line. Feh on profits, I suppose.)

Now, if you are the least bit interested in the facts or know much of anything about the interaction between domestic and international markets, you’d understand the Obama team is — shocking, I know — distorting and distracting all over again. (By the way, we now know the previous Bain attacks were useless and hopelessly defective since the Obama team is now onto an entirely new allegation.)

Let’s review. Bain was not a corporate raider but a company that invested in, held and turned around troubled companies. (Steve Rattner says so.) Romney has a “sterling business record.” (Bill Clinton says so.) About 80 percent of his companies were success stories. Romney has provided a calculation to show he created a net 100,000 jobs. In months and months of attacks, the Obama team hasn’t been able to dispute that.

So obviously, Romney can’t be president of the country since he understands about profit, trade, competitive job markets and the like. Doesn’t he know the government creates wealth?