President Obama has yet to visit Israel in the two and a half of his presidency. That is odd and indicative of the frigid relationship between him and the Israeli government. American Jewish leaders keep nagging Obama to go to Israel. They should cut it out.

Obama’s standing in Israel is exceptionally poor and certainly won’t improve after the most recent controversy. If he goes to Israel, he’ll be booed, and there will be outbursts and demonstrations. That would be horrid for Israel and for the United States. It is unwise to highlight the degree to which this administration has separated itself from the Jewish state. Israel’s enemies are already champing at the bit to capi­tal­ize on the friction between the two countries.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

[Obama’s] speech included what many Israelis will regard as a problematic formulation that “there is a reason why the Palestinians are pursuing their interests at the United Nations. They recognize that there is an impatience with the peace process — or the absence of one. Not just in the Arab world, but in Latin America, in Europe, and in Asia. That impatience is growing, and is already manifesting itself in capitals around the world.”

Well, many Israelis will say in response to that presidential observation, the Palestinians are pursuing their interests at the U.N. General Assembly because, in that skewed forum, they will not be required to condition their bid for statehood on reconciliation with Israel.

And it is incumbent on the United States to impress on the Palestinians the imperative for viable reconciliation, including on the critical refugee issue, where he has been dismayingly vague.

In other words, with each utterance Obama convinces more Israelis that he is not their friend. And Obama knows this, so he certainly wouldn’t risk going there. And therefore Jewish leaders should stop asking. It merely confirms the suspicion that these “leaders” are clueless and hold very little sway with this president.