Eddie Murphy arrives at the Kennedy Center. (Matt McClain/Post)

Eddie Murphy, king of comedy

Murphy didn’t tell a joke for almost three decades — until he came to the Kennedy Center to receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Vester L. Flanagan, 41, a former employee of the Roanoke station, is believed to have posted videos online showing him shooting the crew.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is immoral. He won’t read assignment.

A Duke freshman thinks ‘Fun Home’ is  immoral. He won’t read assignment.

POSTEVERYTHING | He says his beliefs extend to pop culture and artwork depicting sex acts.


Ivanka Trump and Jeff Sessions take center stage in Doug Jones ad in Alabama

POWERPOST | Democrat Doug Jones seeks to exploit GOP rifts over abuse allegations against Republican Roy Moore just weeks before Alabama's special election.


If Trump wants to use nuclear weapons, whether it’s ‘legal’ won’t matter

The military says it won't follow 'illegal' orders. But don't let that reassure you.

Christianity is political. But America’s politically active Christians seem to be forgetting that.

As faithful voters lend their support to candidates like Roy Moore, they move further and further from their religion's practice of politics.

Al Franken’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ era was full of jokes disparaging women

No wonder he thought posing for a photo as he pawed a sleeping woman's breasts would be funny.

I’m a feminist. I study rape culture. And I don’t want Al Franken to resign.

Republicans aren't going to oust their abusers. If we exile Democrats who behave badly, we'll be hurting women at large.

I represented La David Johnson. Here’s what I still want to know about his death.

The more we learn about the terrorist attack in Niger, the less we seem to know.

Stop pretending the estate tax has anything to do with us family farmers

Rolling back the estate tax is the least of our concerns.

How the Roy Moore scandal could help President Trump fire Robert Mueller

Replacing Moore with Jeff Sessions could have unexpected consequences.

Trump sounds ignorant of history. But racist ideas often masquerade as ignorance.

The White House's fumbling about slavery and the Civil War fits a long pattern in American politics.

After the Roy Moore allegations, can Democrats really win in Alabama?

Doug Jones has a shot at winning — if the Democratic Party gets behind him.


‘I had to be there’: The Museum of the Bible opens in the nation’s capital

If you don't already have your tickets, you might not be able to get in during the opening weekend.


The SEC, once again, holds the keys to the College Football Playoff race

Auburn's resurgence bring intrigue to Saturday's Iron Bowl against Alabama, and the possibility of the conference getting two teams into the four-team bracket.


How a slow-going musical could save the old soul of Broadway

<span>How a slow-going musical could save the old soul of Broadway</span>

In a billion-dollar industry increasingly dominated by lavish franchise productions, one quiet show tries to turn the tide