The “war on women” hooey is working — for Mitt Romney. The Post- ABC News poll reports: “Republican women are rallying to Mitt Romney — their party’s now-certain presidential nominee — boosting him to his best-ever showing on a fundamental measure of personal popularity, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Overall, Romney’s favorability rating still trails President Obama’s, but the gap is far narrower than it’s been.” (The Romney folks must be hoping that next the president runs a “war on Hispanics” or a “war on six critical swing states.” Just saying.)

It is hard, obviously, to know why Republican women have come around. Perhaps Obama laid it on too thick on the Sandra Fluke stuff. Maybe “Life of Julia” reminded them how paternalistic liberals can be. Or maybe as they get to know Romney he’s sort of likeable in his own, dad-out-of-the-50’s way. Then there is Ann, and Mitt with Ann. (The campaign understands what they have going there as evidenced by the number of Ann-related web ads.)

But Obama should worry that his problems go farther than just women. By his constant attack-driven campaign and his personal demonization of Romney, might the president be making himself into an angry, less attractive figure? In any event, he’s ceding to Romney the “it can be morning in America again” ads:

In bludgeoning his opponent so ferociously Obama may have forgotten that voters want a little uplift. “Hope and . . .” Well, you get the idea.