Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is becoming the GOP’s , indeed the country’s, best public educator when it comes to basic economic principles and conservatives’ tax and budget policies. His latest video, this one on tax reform, is out:

Republicans too often presume that voters understand the rationale for their policies. Ryan, by contrast, without polemics or partisan rhetoric, simply explains his party’s views. He is aided, of course, by the benefit of having particular polices in mind. It’s hard to fill up time when, as many of the current GOP presidential contenders are guilty of, you have nothing but the same generalizations to repeat ad nauseam. Or put differently, when pols don’t have anything particular to offer they resort to pabulum and fiery rhetoric.

Ryan’s explanation of tax reform — emphasizing growth, elimination of the crony capitalism that comes with loophole-seeking special interests, and a complete absence of class warfare — should serve as a model for other Republicans. President Obama’s policies may be disastrous in the eyes of Republicans, but they need to start explaining why they think that is so and why their own ideas are superior.