The GOP contenders will reach the end of the third quarter and will, by Oct. 15, need to report the amounts they have raised and how much cash they have on hand.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s number, despite his recent travails and his late entry, will be huge. His own camp has said “he raised $20 million in only three days in his initial funders in Texas and Oklahoma.” Moreover, his team has revealed that he’s snagged more bundlers than George W. Bush had:

Two veteran fundraisers for the Perry campaign, in interviews with iWatch News , put the number of recruited bundlers at more than 400 and as high as 1,000. A third said the number was “multiples” of President Obama’s bundlers.

The Obama campaign listed 271 bundlers who had raised $50,000 or more at the end of June, accounting for about 40 percent of the $86 million that the campaign collected jointly with the Democratic National Committee.

The Perry campaign appears to have made huge strides, considering it is less than a month old.

“The Perry campaign is off to a fast start on the finance side,” Mississippian Henry Barbour, who has pledged to raise $500,000, told iWatch News . At this early stage, Barbour added, it looks like the campaign “will be able to perform at a similar level, if not exceed, what Bush did in 2000 and McCain did in 2008. It’s impressive.”

At this point in the election cycle, Bush raised over $50 million. It is not out of the realm of possibility, prorating for a partial quarter (Perry entered on Aug. 13), that Perry will have upward of $30 million. No one ever accused Perry of lacking fundraising chops.

That means, whatever his current problems (which, thankfully for him, came at the tail end of the quarter), Perry is going to be able to stay in the race as long as he wants. His cost per vote or cost per delegate may be very high and his poll numbers may sink, but he can keep going — until voters render their verdict.

UPDATE (11:00 a.m.): David Carney is now madly trying to roll back expectations, saying that the goal was always $10M. But that is not what his own camp has been bragging about. It’s not in line with his boast about exceeding the number of George W. Bush bundlers. And for a guy who raised tens of millions, hundreds actually, for the RGA it’s down right terrible.