Its saving grace is that no one takes a drag on a cigarette and none of the candidate’s advisers appear in it. Otherwise, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s opening Iowa ad is rather generic:

A few things are interesting about the ad. First, it was reportedly produced with input from his new team, but it makes no reference to his economic speech and plan and reverts to a shopworn theme, on which he is virtually indistinguishable from other candidates. Maybe soon he will have something on point about his new economic plan. For now, however, it seems disconnected to what is supposed to be his major policy theme.

Second, there is something a bit off-putting for a Republican to say that, as president, he will “create” jobs. He is a bit more careful about his record in Texas, saying, “We’ve created.” But of course private enterprise, according to conservatives, is the job creator.

And finally, it’s a remarkably plain reintroduction of Perry, as if someone said “Get an ad up, now!” There is nothing unique to Iowa about it, and Perry is obviously in a studio setting, not there with the caucus voters (as Rep. Michele Bachmann portrayed herself). In what is perhaps an attempt to correct his increasingly high negative approval numbers, his first effort eshews any negative attack on his competitors.

I suspect the new team will have a vastly improved array of media spots as time goes on.