The media whine incessantly about access to Mitt Romney, even though he gave multiple interviews and answered an array of press corps questions during his recent European trip. A few reporters finally noticed President Obama has not answered questions in a press conference for over 40 days.

If he decides to take a question one of these days, here are 20 the media might want to ask him:

1. Why didn’t the stimulus bring down unemployment?

2. Was the stimulus incorrectly structured so as to fulfill political objectives of the House Democrats instead of economic ones?

3. What do tax hikes do in a weak economy?

4. If the defense sequestration cuts are “devastating” to our military according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, why didn’t Obama engage more (at all?) with the super committee to avoid them?

5. Where is the president’s plan for saving Social Security?

6. Does he support Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign tactics, and if not, will he condemn them?

7. Why didn’t the “recovery summer” pan out?

8. Why hasn’t the president fired David Plouffe, who “accepted a $100,000 speaking fee in 2010 from an affiliate of a company doing business with Iran’s government”? How can the president tell other countries not to do business with the regime if a senior adviser has?

9. What was his reason for not visiting Israel? Why did he repeatedly tell Jewish leaders he was considering a visit?

10. Is Syria’s Bashar al-Assad committing mass murder?

11.Why is it fine to raise taxes now when growth is half what it was in December 2010 when the Bush tax cuts were last extended?

12 .Why did the president waive the work requirements in welfare reform?

14. Other than cutting Medicare Advantage and putting in the Independent Payment Advisory Board, what plan does the White House have for reining in Medicare costs?

15. Banks and other U.S. businesses are sitting on a lot of cash. Why does the president think they are wary about hiring, investing and expanding?

16. Does an employer’s cost per employee affect how many employees his business can hire?

17. Does the president regret congratulating Russian president Vladimir Putin on the rigged election?

18. Should the United States have backed the Green Movement in Iran more vigorously in 2009?

19. Why did the president try to pull the plug on the District of Columbia school voucher program?

20. Can a president unilaterally amend federal law without Congress?