Politico reports on the latest Obama campaign damage-control efforts with the Jewish community: “White House chief-of-staff Jack Lew, an Orthodox Jew who’s the highest-profile Jew in the Obama administration, is set to address the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York tomorrow morning.” I hope if he’s acting as a surrogate in President Obama’s reelection efforts the taxpayers aren’t paying for this.

But if the Jewish leaders want to be more than potted plant and do themselves, the community they represent and the country some good, here are some questions they should ask Lew:

What is the capital of Israel? Why doesn’t the White House spokesman know the answer?

Is Jerusalem a “settlement”?

Why doesn’t this administration talk out about Christian persecution in Muslim countries?

Why didn’t the Obama administration send someone to the Community Relations Council who was involved in formulating Middle East policy?

Why did a group that routinely defends the Iranian regime and tried to get Dennis Ross fired for being too pro-Israel go to the White House for a meeting?

How did an Egyptian terrorist get into the White House, and will members of terrorist groups be allowed through in the future?

Where did the president get the right to unilateral power to amend welfare and immigration laws? Is the Justice Department providing a legal opinion?

Will Obamacare bend the cost curve?

Why is taxing medical devices a good idea?

What economic theory supports raising taxes at 1.5 percent growth?

When was last time the president called House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) or any GOP governor?

Why is the president not acting to head off defense cuts deemed “devastating” by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta?

Why has the president since taking office not put forth a budget with less than a trillion-dollar deficit?