Historian Niall Ferguson on the triumph of the West, from Civilization: The West and the Rest (2011), pp. 7-8:

All over the world, universities are converging on Western norms. The same is true of the way medical science is organized, from rarefied research all the way through to front-line healthcare. Most people now accept the great scientific truths revealed by Newton, Darwin and Einstein and, even if they do not, they still reach eagerly for the products of Western pharmacology at the first symptom of influenza or bronchitis. Only a few societies continue to resist the encroachment of Western patterns of marketing and consumption, as well as the Western lifestyle itself. More and more human beings eat a Western diet, wear Western clothes and live in Western housing. Even the peculiarly Western way of work—five or six days a week from 9 until 5, with two or three weeks of holiday—is becoming a kind of universal standard. Meanwhile, the religion that Western missionaries sought to export to the rest of the world is followed by a third of mankind—as well as making remarkable gains in the world’s most populous country. Even the atheism pioneered in the West is making impressive headway.