It seems that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is heading for a win in the recall election. It is essential for the left to come up with excuses to avoid the obvious conclusions one would draw from a Walker victory, namely that this recall business was a monumentally dumb idea and that public-employee unions aren’t nearly as popular as Democrats believe.

I will save the excuse-mongers some time. Here is a handy list of rationalizations:

1. Walker didn’t win by as much as some thought he would, so the election is a big win for recall advocates.

2. The recall proponents were outspent.

3. Did we mention the recall proponents were outspent?

4. Tom Barrett was a weak candidate.

5. Wisconsin is the Alabama of the Midwest.

6. President Obama didn’t show up to campaign against Walker.

7. Walker — lucky dog — could show 23,000 jobs were added in Wisconsin in 2011. Coincidence!

8. Walker talked a bunch about Barrett’s record as mayor.

9. Barrett didn’t have a clear message.

10. Barrett should have talked more about women’s rights, health care, the environment, education, taxes, gay marriage and all that other stuff.

Republicans should hope that the Democrats don’t notice that some of these excuses are contradictory; Democrats embrace unions even more tightly, and the Obama campaign refuses to believe that Wisconsin is in play for November.