The Romney team is wasting no time making hay out of the Democrats’s effort to sink the candidate in Michigan. This ad is out today:

Clearly, Romney relishes being the target of the president’s attacks, and he implictly dings Rick Santorum for playing into the Democrats’s game plan. The impact, the Romney team hopes, is twofold: Stress that Romney is the most electable (and most feared GOP) contender and suggest that the Santorum effort is a sign of panic. Romney is hoping that Santorum’s failed robocall gambit sticks in the craw of Republicans, souring the base’s attachment to his rival and weakening Santorum’s appeal as the most Republican of the Republican contenders. If it works, the robocalls will turn out to be a costly misstep by Santorum.

A final note: Romney is indeed scrambling for small donors. Winning helps generate funds, but a brutal, nationwide race is an expensive proposition.