The Post reports that Mitt Romney kicked off a bus tour today. He’ll travel from New Hampshire to Michigan, which, as things stand now, are swing states.

He was in good spirits, using the President Obama’s boring speech yesterday to frame the case for throwing him out:

Yesterday the President gave a speech. A Very. Long. Speech.

You might have thought that it would be a moment when he would acknowledge his policy mistakes and suggest a new course. But no. He promised four more years, of more of the same. Four. More. Very. Long. Years.

That’s really the divide in this race. The President thinks we’re on the right track and his policies are working.

And I...I believe with all my heart that we can — that we must — do better.

He also buttressed his argument about two competing visions with a new jab at the president for ignoring the American people:

When Americans rose up and demanded, “Stop borrowing money and sticking our kids with the bill,” the President wasn’t listening. He was on the line with China, taking out another loan.

When Americans went to town halls and said, “We don’t want Obamacare,” the President ignored us, and spent fifteen months ramming his health-care bill through Congress on a party-line vote.

And when we asked, “Where is the recovery we were promised?” this President lectured us saying “The private sector is doing fine.”

And, as he has done before, he turned the “fairness” argument around:

Somewhere in that long speech, President Obama spoke of giving people a “fair shot.” I couldn’t agree more.

President Obama isn’t giving our students a fair shot when they graduate and only half of them can find jobs or work that matches their skills.

And he isn’t giving the middle class a fair shot when wages keep going down and prices keep going up. Under Barack Obama, more Americans are living in poverty than under any President in history. That’s a tragedy, not a fair shot!

He didn’t give the children of Washington, DC a fair shot when he proposed to end their scholarships to go to better schools.

And when he bows to the demands of the teacher’s unions, he isn’t giving a fair shot to kids across America.

He isn’t giving entrepreneurs and job creators a fair shot when he picks winners and losers, rewarding campaign donors with tax dollars in scandals like Solyndra.

Barack Obama isn’t giving a fair shot to our children and grandchildren when he saddles them with trillions of dollars of debts.

If there has ever been a president who has failed to give the middle class of America a fair shot, it is Barack Obama

The contrast between the two candidates’ demeanor is as great as it is on substance. As reporters noted yesterday, Obama was grim during his hour-long speech. (“If President Obama didn’t look especially happy for most of today’s speech in Ohio (he scowled through a half-dozen applause lines), it was because he probably wasn’t.”) Implicit in Romney’s speech was a simple question: Could you stand to listen to this guy for four more years? It is as good an argument as any for a fresh face.