The joke wasn’t so funny, but the mock horror of the left and the Obama campaign along with the furrowed brows of news anchors is hysterical.

Mitt Romney told a crowd in his home state of Michigan, “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know this is the place where we were born and raised.” Okay, not really a funny joke, but a joke. The crowd roared.

The Obama team clapped a hand to the forehead and denounced the remark, which is rather remarkable for people who seriously have accused Romney of being a felon and killing a woman. And it really breaks the incredulity meter for Obama, who has started making dog-on-the-roof jokes. Psst: Media folk, your bias is showing!

Saner media people acknowledged that Romney is no birther and that it was a joke. (Way-too-defensive and humorless Romney flacks felt compelled to repeat this in sonorous tones.) Meanwhile, the left-wing punditocracy, who never crossed the president nor called out his vile rhetoric for months, needed smelling salts to revive themselves. Frankly, in the age of political correctness when the average person is censored and harassed by the indignant police, Romney may have finally seemed downright human.

Really, the media’s level of being out of touch with what interests, concerns and offends voters has never been higher. Anyone who actually thinks Romney is a birther or who thinks people who were going to vote for him won’t because of the joke can hang out at the Obama Kool-Aid fountain. (Come to think of it, they do.) Maybe next time, they should show a tiny bit less boosterism when their candidate makes a serious, sustained effort to distort and shred an opponent’s character.