The latest Mitt Romney bailout ad is, well, odd. Here it is:

I get it. It's a clever turn-about-is-fair-play on the anti-Bain ads. But do Republicans actually believe that GM didn’t need to reduce costs and capacity? The problem with the GM bailout was that the UAW got preferential treatment and, critics suspect, the selection of dealerships and plants for closure became political. This was crony capitalism.

Is Romney saying that in a “managed bankruptcy” these dealershiips wouldn’t have closed? If he is saying these guys got hit because the politically-connected UAW got sppecial treatment, that would make sense. The ad doesn’t say that.

In short, I don’t get the point of the ad. It seems to be written for the Obama campaign team and not the voters. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Reagan’s “Morning in America,” this is a 2. Maybe a 1.